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If You are Searching for Online Marketing Services to Help Grow Your Business, You've Come to the Right Place

Chris Clark - MD Clark Marketing Ltd

Marketing helps You achieve Internet Business Growth.

With a firm focus on your business, six IBM and Microsoft certified web-production centres, and advanced internet research tools, we'll provide you search-friendly internet and e-commerce solutions, with marketing programs to help you develop your business.

Best-in-Class Websites

To position you as a competitive force in your industry sector, your website will be researched and customised to our combined innovations and ideas, your business and your industry.

Your new site and our Digital Signs campaigns will capture and engage your clients, present your business effectively, and keep visitors coming back. And because we are passionate about the importance of web-marketing, every web-site proposal we make includes a researched marketing campaign designed to win you measurable results.

Building your free search traffic

To drive qualified traffic to your new or existing site, using strict 'white-hat' techniques, our SEO-qualified staff will deliver search optimisation, portal registration, affiliate marketing and link building advice to increase your site's rankings for terms your clients will be searching for.

Request our programs and case studies, or ring 0800-58 777 62 to see how we can help you.

Boosting your revenue and profit with Pay-per-Click

To build growth through paid search with Google, Yahoo, and Miva, we'll research and test your themes, recommend your budgets, provide creative angles, and advertising copy.

Next we'll place your Digital Signs campaigns and ad-groups, and set and manage your campaigns. To view ad-campaigns and results just drop us a line at campaign(at), (address disguised to avoid spam bots),;

and we'll look forward to sending you recent work examples.

·  Conversion optimisation - the new profit building web-essential

To increase your website conversions, all our programs offer you access to best in class web analytics services.

For campaign A/B testing, conversion improvement, identifying and solving shopping path issues and more, our analytics service has never failed to improve client website, campaign, and conversion results.

Take 60 seconds to review our Service Charter, email us at Campaign(at) (address disguised to avoid spam bots),or ring 0800 58 777 62 today for more information.

Call today to increase your sales and profit.

0800 58 777 62


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Founded by MD Chris Clark, we focus on helping London's local, niche, and specialist businesses get access to the best marketing resources to maximise business value from the internet.

Chris is an in-demand speaker for the London Chamber of Commerce's E-business Club, and is available for bookings. Just email book Chris Today for topics and information.

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