"The threat of losing print advertising dollars to online media is very real. In fact, it's already happening, particularly in classifieds." - Rupert Murdoch, April 2005.

Why Our Google, Yahoo, and Miva PPC Digital Signs! PPC Bid Management and Campaigns Impact Your Bottom Line...

Why spend on traditional advertising when Pay Per Click Marketing usually wins greater return on investment? With even the newspaper moguls admitting that traditional advertising is losing it's effect, why is it time to transfer your traditional marketing spend to promote your business online?

Here's 6 reasons:

How do we create your Digital Signs PPC Advertising Campaigns?

Can it be done? - First, we'll determine whether your market is competitive or saturated and advise prior to quotation. We'll consider if your site can be optimised, identify conversion breaking site navigation errors, and advise whether you should proceed or take an alternative promotional route.

Uncovery is crucial - Uncovery helps understand precisely how your future customers will be thinking when looking for products and services you, and your competitors supply. Knowing this helps us drive the the right kind of enquirers to your site for the lowest cost per click. Uncovery is a rigorous market research program - we research 5,000 to 20,000 items of search, category, and results data to develop niche themes that people will look for, and where competition is lower. This will help us select competitive industry keyphrases your new customers will use to find you.

Ad creation - Then we'll create and deliver your themed Digital Signs Advertising in Google, Yahoo, and Miva. We'll create and test your ads, price up and optimise their positions, and start tracking their click through rates. We'll provide full Advertising Management Services to maximise your returns, focussing on providing relevant quality clicks most likely to result in conversion.

Creative descriptions - We'll craft attractive ad-copy to make your business stand out on a results page. We'll handle your PPC campaign management set ups, adjusting and re-write your ads to align to the search themes we uncover, whilst making the copy attractive to move your visitors to action.

Continuity Support - Under our PPC management continuity support programs, we track and further optimise all ad and ad copy performance, your PPC rates, conversion, and visitor traffic results, and report back regularly.

Assured Results - Unlike Search Optimisation, Click Results obtained through our PPC Bid Management Services can be assured and measured. We have a strong history of results.

Case Studies - download a selection of recent case studies here [pdf file].

Then call us to create your Pay-Per-Click Bid and Advertising Management Services to increase enquiries, reduce cost of customer acquisition, and impact your bottom line - right the first time!