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Online & Social Media Press Release Service

The original press release was first introduced in 1906 by Ivy Lee,working with the Pennsylvania Railroad, which had just fallen victim to a tragic accident. It was introduced so the company could get the facts out fast before the newspapers were filled with opinion and speculation.

Digital Signs Media! - A Press Marketing Program to Bring You Sales, Enquiries, and Awareness Through all-New Social Media Press Release Marketing Campaigns

  • How do I build awareness that turns to enquires and sales without spending a fortune?
  • What is a Social Media Press Release (SMPR) approach and Why will it help Me?
  • How Can I track the Results of My Investment?


Press Releases - A Brief Update

Press Releases remain one of the most effective ways of getting your news to time strapped journalists needing to file articles to TV, Radio and Online and printed News. In just 12 months, there has been a groundshaking shift in what the Press Release can now include, how it gets distributed, and now, with the ability to comment and post on Press and News articles and measure results, how the impact you have of moving interest, opinion, and sales enquiries your way.

Today's new press release now allows you to include video clips, image and PDF downloads, highlighted quotes, links to partner sites, and now, new methods of promotion through search optimisation, social bookmarking and tagging.



The New Buzzwords:

The new type of Social Media Press Release is linked to Blogs and their coverage, user generated news sites, 'Tagging', Social Bookmarking, Opinion sites, where your reputation can stand or fall in hours, Article 'Digg'-ing – a way readers of your news on these news sites can vote for or against it, and other readers can see the effect. If you feel this is all getting too much, we quite understand!



Is This Right For Your Business?

The Social Media Press Release service scales to all types of business, in the same way as Google AdWords 'reaches everywhere for everyone'. Absolutely Yes if you are:

  • an Online Merchant with an exciting new product

  • a National Training & Coaching Company who's won an important contract

  • a Specialist Foods Manufacturer, notably with an award or two with a level of following

  • a Hotel Chain or Serviced Office looking to reduce portal booking commissions

  • an Accountancy or Law Firm with national coverage with an in demand service

  • an Awards Business looking stimulate interest and attention

  • a Large Company launching a new product and seeking enquiries


What Is The Digital Signs Media! Program and why will it work?

Under this program, we will create your press release or adapt an existing one, along with additional information and white papers in PDF form, to the new format. We offer photography service options, to get pictures of your personnel and products, together with video and audio services for key interviews. We will quality score, optimise and release your Press Release to hit relevant journalist outlets, and track your results.

The program will work for you if you are in the above categories, with City, Nationwide, and International coverage, with a relevant story to tell.



Where Can I Find More Information?

Simply download our new White Paper, The New Social Media Press Release Taking The World By Storm to read the full story, and two hugely successful campaigns run in November 2006.


Then call us to gain advantage of additional growth, reduced cost of customer acquisition, and increase profit - right the first time!

0800 58 777 62


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