Have you got 7 seconds?


That’s the deadline for a headline!


Research proves that you have just seven seconds to assert a new proposition via your headline, sub-head, illustration and intro copy, before the site-visitor moves on.


There - 7 seconds up!


Site-visitors have a notoriously short attention span. And that seven-second rule makes the most powerful case for brevity - one of the key features of good copy.


That’s why copywriters have to be miserly about headline length.


Relentlessly paring-down each statement to the minimum wordage.


Ruthlessly excluding anything of doubtful relevance.


Literally weighing each syllable to see if it pulls its weight. (Remember that words are music.)


That’s why a perfect poster may take longer to write than a 24-page brochure.


Try the 7-second test on other websites. See how few of them pass. Truly copywriting is harder than it looks.


The matter with most websites


Amateur copywriting that fails to provide you with a convincing online voice, to hold the attention throughout a pitch and stimulate sales at the moment of peak interest


Says Jonathan Begg, copywriting partner, Clark Marketing.


The website is in every way an advertising medium, and clearly the most powerful yet devised. Yet to a professional adwriter, most websites represent a mass of wasted opportunities. Many of them actually look more like a client’s briefing-notes - the first attempt to itemise features and benefits, before the creative team converts them into high-impact advertising. They are the grapes, not the wine.


Web-engineers (or ‘teccies’) have convinced themselves that they are account-handler, copywriter and art-director rolled into one, and somehow convinced corporate clients of the same thing.


The result is an astonishing absence of strong headlines, meaningful captions and lean, disciplined copy that drives you to a purchase.


Landing-page as e-poster


Your landing-page should express a single thought very clearly. This demands poster art at its most sophisticated, ruthlessly cutting out anything extraneous and featuring a perfect short headline that often needs careful grinding and polishing. (The easiest copy to read is the hardest copy to write.)


Link-pages, on the other hand, correspond clearly to the pages of a brochure, with a need for a well-planned sequence with strong headline-propositions.


The art of the TV or radio commercial also needs to be harnessed for the many audio-visual opportunities created - though not properly exploited - by the website medium.


But before any of these craft skills come into play, there is the necessary overview of the product and the planning of a marketing strategy and response mechanics - on which we are thoroughly equipped to guide you.


Keyphrase Research - a two-edged sword


There is no doubting the power of keyphrasing as a marketing tool - how to work the Search Engines to get your web-address into the coveted top end of those listings.



But some clients may not want business coming in ‘off the street’, and may not be equipped to handle mass response, most of it unusable. They may prefer the ‘invitation only’ approach, where only selected groups are asked to visit the site.


Equally, keyphrasing can be self-defeating because it is driven by a process of endless repetition which tends to kill good copy. The customer gets to the site, but finds nothing to hold the attention. For that situation, an experienced agency copywriter is ideally placed to ensure that keyphrasing does not eclipse normal copywriting imperatives.


But keyphrasing apart, a full agency-style analysis of the product and the problem is necessary at the outset, to define the need for corporate image-building, brand development and/or direct-response, and to co-ordinate the elements of persuasion, information and notification that go to make up an impactive advertising campaign.


No budget.” No wonder.


Even those clients who can see the point of bringing in heavyweight creative writers may simply declare that their web budget won’t run to it.


But the ‘teccie’ is not motivated to add extra services to their budget and possibly overprice him or herself, or divert attention away as the provider of solutions. To him or her, the copywriter is at least partially a rival.


Everyone thinks they can write copy. It is for you to consider why heavyweight copywriters are well-rewarded by so many corporate clients not noted for generosity or naivety.


Copy is the backbone of advertising, and nothing can replace it as the principal means of articulating a message.


Compare these before/after specimens of our web-copy.


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Copy comparisons for Buying Bathroom Products on line




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Subject to our own judgment as to feasibility, we will quote you for re-drafting that section of the copy. On your acceptance, we will supply the new copy and then compare response. Should there be no improvement, you owe us nothing.


If we judge that the copy needs re-briefing from scratch, we will invite you to supply the necessary marketing information. Alternatively, we may be willing to supply an overview of the creative options for your site, and quote you accordingly.


Either way, we look forward to the possibility of working with you soon. In the first instance, e-mail me at Jonathan.Begg(at)ClarkMarketing.co.uk


And let us show you how Clark Marketing can really put the internet to work for you.