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Telemarketing Appointment Setting Service Agency London

If you need Business Outbound Telemarketing Services We Can Help

Associated with Clark Marketing, and run by MD Lindy Connaughton, we have been established for over 20 years. The Telephone Marketing Company works to provide outbound telemarketing to a broad base of businesses such as, design, new media, advertising, communications, production, event management, IT, marketing, and management consultancy.

Our business to business telemarketing clients fall into these and many other areas. Our track record proves that we tailor the pitch to suit the needs of any client and their industry.

So why should you do telemarketing? Telemarketing is an enduring and popular, dynamic, flexible and effective marketing and communications technique. Interested in telemarketing? Here’s how you can use it:

• Outbound telemarketing
Call customers and prospects to sell products and services, generate and qualify leads, prompt them to visit stores and showrooms and set appointments. Give existing buyers heads-up on hot deals. Turn outbound customer care calls into outbound telemarketing calls by cross-selling/upselling targeted offers. More...

• Marketing
Publish, display and mention your phone numbers in catalogues, direct mail, emails, faxes, print ads, on websites to generate orders and leads. More...

• Business to Business Telemarketing
Use an outbound telemarketing agency to help you to acquire customers, qualify prospects and pass hot leads to sales reps and deal closers. Rely on inbound telemarketing to acquire and qualify buyers for followup by your sales reps, close sales, process orders and cross-sell/upsell offers. More...

Then call us direct to gain additional growth, reduce cost, and increase profit - right the first time! 

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The Telephone Marketing Company, your Appointment Setting Outbound Telemarketing Agency.

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