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Thank you for visiting - may we take 60 seconds of your time to introduce the Clark Marketing team responsible for creating, managing, and delivering your campaigns and website projects.

Chris Clark MD Clark MarketingChris is business owner and client engagement manager. Chris advises on the best campaigns for your business, creates your campaigns, and measures your results. Chris is also ultimately responsible for quality and delivery of all our projects.

Chris works with a dazzling array of research tools to maximise results, and sometimes needs to be taken away from glowing screens and re-introduced to people and sunshine.

email: Chris.Clark(at)

Marian Arnold, Co Secretary, Clark MarketingAfter your order has been accepted, Marian ensures all contributors provide copy, graphic design, and web technology accurately, and on time, overseeing our production, test and acceptance plans.

Marian helps deliver our assurance to provide Your Business with Internet Profit Without Pain.

email: Marian.Arnold(at) 

Lindy will create, direct, and deliver the telemarketing elements of our campaigns. Lindy works with you to understand your telemarketing needs, create your project and fully brief our telemarketer. In Lindy's own words, 'Our aim is to get you business, not fruitless appointments.' Lindy's team has found new customers for blue chip clients for over 20 years and can provide innumerable client testimonials.

Lindy looks forward to helping your business soon.

email: Lindy.Connaughton(at)

Andrew researches the keywords that make the difference to your campaigns. 
With “sniffer dog” tenacity and process driven accuracy, Andrew selects the Key phrases that connect your targets with your offerings. Over 25 years of both Blue Chip and Small Company business development experience, gives Andrew the “real world” best practice expertise.

Andrew takes pride in researching the best keywords, which he says, provide the foundations for your successful campaign.

email: Andrew.Merryfield(at)

7 seconds is all the time your website has to seize your customer. No matter how good the website, or well priced and placed are the key phrases, if the copywriting doesn't cut the mustard, your visitors will be gone.

Jonathan is lead writer for our Digital Signs copywriting services, and a master of seizing your customers attention in 7 seconds, leading them to buy or enquire about your services.

email: Jonathan.Begg(at)

Call us soon to gain additional growth, reduce cost, and increase profit - right the first time!

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